The Centre for Family and Children Heemstede

Welcome to the site of Centre for Family and Children of Heemstede. Do you have a question about your child’s development? Are you looking for a sport club or after school child care? If so, this website provides the answer. You can find here information about upbringing, growing up and health matters in Heemstede at a glance. There is a variety of information on offer, from practical tips to addresses and news about holiday activities. If there is no simple answer to your question on the website you can always contact the Centre for Family and Children.

The Centre for Family and Children has the answer

Every parent has a question about his or her child’s upbringing once in a while. Where can I go for vaccinations? Why doesn’t my daughter play with children of her own age? How can I prevent my child from continually whining? These are quite normal questions because bringing up a child is not something that happens automatically. In many cases it is enough if parents receive a useful tip. In the section Upbringing you can find subjects which are regularly matters for discussion. For example bedwetting or the setting of boundaries for children. There is background information and tips for every subject available.

Expert help

For some questions about upbringing there is no easy answer. If you need advice from an expert then you can ask the Centre for Family and Children (CFC). We are ready for all your questions which parents (in spe), educators, and young people may have about growing up, upbringing and health.

The Centre for Family and Children a collection of different organisations

The CFC is not a new organisation but a collaboration of existing organisations for youth welfare and social work. The strength of the CFC is to be found in this collaboration. Through mutual collaboration we are able to answer your questions more expertly. Several experts can be consulted at regular times and you can make also an appointment for example for the upbringing specialist. In future the CFC is planning to organise courses and talks about growing up and upbringing. You will be able to find information about these on the website at a later date.

Where can you contact us?
You can reach the CFC:

  • By telephone on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday: between 8:30 – 17:00 
    friday between 8.30 - 13.00
    at (023) 529 19 14
  • Via email –
  • In person at Raadhuisplein 1, 2101 HA  Heemstede:
    monday, tuesday and thursday: between 8:30 – 13:00 
    wednesday between 14.00 - 17.00